Our Program  What really is the difference?

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Training Levels
#TeamCastile is not a one man operation.  Our program utilizes multiple trainers to maximize development at each level of training.   Lyle's skill set is training advanced retrievers for the AKC Hunt Test program as well as Super Retriever Series dogs.    His truck focuses on marks and blinds every day and drills as needed.  Lyle's time is best spent in the field, not force fetching, obedience work, etc.  His dogs see a high concentration of marks/blinds daily

Our gun dog program is for the younger dogs teaching them basics such as force-fetch, collar conditioning and obedience.   Then transitioning  them into the field.  There is a heavy workload in training many of these dogs.  A new program has been designed to  give specific results within a designated time frame.  

Bird Throwers

NOTHING can replace a body in the field for training.   We use live bird throwers in training everyday.  


We have some of the best training facilities in the Midwest.  Kennels, airing yards, and owning the proper equipment make training efficient and timely.  We are a well    oiled machine and put an emphasis on time management.  Having a swim-by pond and multiple technical ponds on our 40 acre property is invaluable and a necessity.   Accomplished trainers HAVE facilities and understand the importance of them.    Practicing the fundamentals and training on quality grounds is essential in building retrievers.

Winter Trip

Trainers competing at a high level know the importance of training year round.  We        are a full-time retriever training facility first and foremost.  We take our work seriously   and put everything we have into it.  For the Winter trip we head to the South.   It is similar to Spring Training in baseball, it gives our advanced dogs a head start and prepares us for the upcoming test season.   There is no better way to prepare your dog for different terrain and weather than the Winter trip.