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This agreement is between: Buyer___________________________________________________

Address _________________________________City______________________________State________
Telephone (          ) ___________________________

Cell (          ) __________________________ Email ___________________________________________

The buyer agrees to purchase a Male or Female (Circle One) out of the litter between:

Name of Sire: ______________________________________________________
Name of Dam:_____________________________________________________

The purchase price is $ _____________________.  Buyer shall make payment including a $500 deposit with this contract made

payable to Lyle Steinman. The buyer shall pay the balance of the purchase price when picking up puppy or before puppy

is shipped. (Shipping, Crate & Health Certificates are not included in puppy price).  Puppy's first round of shots, removal

of declaws, and Bill of Sale are included in price.  With your AKC puppy papers and Bill of Sale/Puppy Guarantee will be

given to you when you pick up your puppy. 

This is a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Your deposit will reserve your picking order according to dates received by breeder.

Buyer Signature _______________________________________

Date ________________________