Kevin Buckley

Castile Creek Kennels South, LLC

22050 CR 850

Farmersville, Texas 75442



This ride started for me many years ago when my son was hired as a bird boy for a local HRC. I attended the hunt test as a Boy Scout adult leader and after watching the dogs work all weekend I had to have one! Shortly thereafter I got my first dog and was on my way to an addictive hobby.

Over the years there were a number of folks who influenced me however two of them stand above all others; one being “Papa” John Wallace and the second being Lyle Steinman. John taught me a lot, influenced me in many ways and helped me train my first dog. John and I hunted together, trained together, traveled to hunt tests together and our families shared time together. He was a great man and I miss him every day. In 2008 I got the opportunity to attend a training seminar hosted and taught by Lyle Steinman. That began a friendship and mentorship that has molded me into the trainer I am today.

I have competed at all levels of HRC/AKC hunt tests, the Super Retriever Series and some field trials.